• Client

    CDPQ Infra

  • Budget

    6,3 G$

  • Year

    en cours

  • Location


Under the name of COBALT Architects, our firm has been selected to be part of the large team led by CIMA+ engineers to carry out the preliminary project for the development of a public transit system linking the South Shore to downtown Montreal via the new bridge : the Réseau Express Métropolitain (REM). The REM aims to reduce traffic congestion and facilitate access to the city centre through a dedicated space on the future bridge. During this preliminary project, our team developed the concepts for all future REM stations and validated the capacities of each of them. It also participated in the development of technical solutions and in the feasibility assessment of three stations that are complex in terms of depth, urban integration and connection with the Montreal metro. Finally, our team contributed to the definition and integration of REM's rolling stock maintenance centres. Following the preliminary project, we are now supporting CDPQ Infra during the project design by the NouvLR consortium.

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