150 passionate professionals

    Architecture: 90

    Real estate planning: 10

    Building envelope: 5

    Interior Design: 12

    Graphic Design: 4

    LEED Accredited: 5

    WELL Accredited: 2

    BIM Specialists: 4

    Codes and Standards Specialists: 2

    Administation: 16

Founded in 2001, STGM is one of the largest integrated design architecture firms in the province of Quebec. With over 150 architects and professionals, our mission is to improve the quality of life for people, one space at a time.

Our approach is based on the needs of our clients, as we design projects that are durable, sustainable and innovative. We advocate collaboration, attention, creativity and learning. Welcome!




Our story

STGM is first and foremost about human relationships. It was the flair of a common acquaintance that led Dominique St-Gelais and Jean-Yves Montminy to meet. She, focused on business development, and he, strong in project management. Their complementarity powered Saint-Gelais Montminy from its creation in 2001.

The team soon expanded to include Stephan Langevin as senior partner in 2004 and Michel Gingras in 2007. In 2015, STGM moved into its new prize-winning and LEED Platinum certified offices in Quebec City. More recently, Eric Girard and his team joined in 2018. The firm has always continued to diversify and innovate, offering building envelope expertise, heritage architecture, real estate planning, interior design, graphic design, signage and building codes and standards.

Since its creation, STGM has grown from 12 to over 150 employees. In 2020, the firm secured its continuity by appointing 8 new partners. STGM realizes projects that are increasingly complex and whose quality is up to the challenges.