Renovation of a residence in Sillery

Ideally located in the charming neighborhood of Sillery in Quebec City, the Maritain residence is the result of a close collaboration between STGM Design and architect Gabrielle Turcotte. With the desire to create a living space that is both warm and refined for the occupants, the residence is adorned with a palette of subdued tones, predominantly featuring shades of black and copper.


The kitchen island, a true centerpiece, elegantly stands out with its imposing African Fusion granite countertop. For optimal functionality, a dedicated breakfast cabinet with sliding doors and shelves for easy access has been integrated.


The staircase, characterized by its contemporary lines, is designed with matte black painted steel, creating a striking contrast. It gracefully leans on an imposing smoked glass panel serving as a visual partition for the main entrance while maintaining a clear view of the living room, adding a touch of modernity to the space. The teams from Bertiaume Escaliers and Step-design were invaluable allies in bringing this rather complex design to fruition.


The bathroom, though minimalist, stands out for its great functionality. It is equipped with a double shower entirely clad in porcelain, perfectly replicating the appearance of natural stone. A frosted glass door elegantly separates the shower from the toilet area. 


All the furniture in the kitchen and bathroom was custom-made by the talented team at Mobili cabinetry, based in Quebec City. Their expertise allowed for the creation of unique and personalized pieces, seamlessly integrated into this exceptional residential environment.

The pride of having created a concept that lives up to the clients' vision is palpable. Their satisfaction is a meaningful reward for the hard work and commitment to creating spaces that exceed expectations.



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