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    Services publics et Approvisionnement Canada (SPAC)

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    Client Representation : 

    – Colliers Project Leaders


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    – Le Groupe CMI Experts‐Conseils inc. 


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    – JCB Construction Canada Inc. 

Relocation and Design of New Workspaces for Bureaux 1130 

Bureaux 1130 is a project involving the relocation of four federal departments situated in Downtown Montreal. In order to consolidate the four distinct units onto a single floor, our team of architects and designers has crafted five distinct workspaces and environments. This relocation also encompasses renovations to the common corridor and restroom facilities on the floor, as part of a comprehensive building renovation. 


To ensure users a ergonomic and healthy work environment conducive to comfort and safety, our team has developed five unique concepts that reflect the identity of each unit. Working closely with the client, our team of graphic designers, interior designers, and architects, successfully established a comprehensive harmony among the five spaces. While preserving their distinctiveness, characterized by vibrant colors and original graphic design, they align perfectly with their own identities. 


A range of spaces for various types of reflection, work, and action


Offering an impressive view from the 8th floor of the building, the offices, arranged in a 360-degree layout, overlook the Montreal skyline. The curtain walls flood the workspaces with natural light, thereby creating an ideal environment for the occupants. Among the five spaces, there is a communal studio, a peaceful and relaxing area accessible to members of the four ministries sharing this floor. The strategically integrated technology enables users to enjoy a soothing environment while staying connected as needed. 


Designed with a multisensory perspective and informed by lessons learned during the health crisis, Bureaux 1130 provide workspaces that promote open collaboration while reducing stimuli, as well as a versatile studio with an inclusive design that blurs the distinction between the floor's offices. Whether it's a serene corner offering a panoramic view of Montreal's urban landscape, an isolated space conducive to concentration, or an area for socializing and interaction, STGM has developed a design and architecture that cater to the flexibility and adaptability needs of its clients.



Phil Bernard

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