St-Gelais Montminy + Associés / Architectes

St-Gelais Montminy + Associés / Architectes

Multi-functional building La Jonction

The City of Delson has teamed up with STGM Architects to design its new multi-purpose building housing the youth centre, the Wilfrid Boardman Park community hall to serve the public.

Initially, the Town of Delson wanted to build a building to meet the obvious needs in this area of the city. As the project progressed, other elements were added to the initial mandate, such as a basement to meet a shortage of storage space for the City, but also a large community hall, transforming the youth centre into a multifunctional centre that would meet the multiple needs of the community and the City. Our conceptual approach was to give the building a contemporary and modern look and offer views of the park. The city's wish was also to offer separate services in both parts (youth centre and park building) while bringing them together in the same building. The somewhat unusual shape makes it possible to quickly detect the park building and youth centre sections thanks to the treatment of different volumes, but especially thanks to the roof slopes. The one-storey building facilitates a delicate transition with the built environment, mainly consisting of one- or two-storey dwellings, while adopting more institutional heights to distinguish it from the residential sector. The use of brick, as in neighbouring homes and schools, but also wood and large curtain wall openings, make this building an eye-catcher.

Ville de Delson

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